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Sculpture competition "Zdeněk Kopal - Binary Stars" has two finalists

The City of Litomyšl announced a sculptor's competition at the end of which there will be a design of a sculpture that will best capture the contribution of the Litomyšl patriot and astronomer of international reputation Zdeněk Kopal. The Litomyšl town hall invited four sculptors to participate: Arnold Bartůněk, Federico Diaz, František Janda and Marián Karel.
The jury of the competition met at the end of April consisting of: architect Josef Pleskot, city architect Zdeňka Vydrová, representative of the Academy of Fine Arts Jan Hendrych, academic sculptor Jiří Věneček, representative of the Astronomical Institute of Charles University in Prague Martin Šolc, mayor Jan Janeček and member of council Miroslav Brýdl. Jiří Grygar and Olbram Zoubek apologized for not being able to participate in the jury due to other commitments. Jury members first got to know the place where the native house of Professor Kopal stood and where the sculpture is to be situated (near the Hotel Dalibor). After this the jury elected Jiří Věneček its chairman and studied the proposed designs by individual competitors. It was concluded that all competitors complied with the competition conditions and therefore all submitted designs were evaluated. Subsequently it was agreed by a vote that Federico Diaz and Marián Karel would proceed to the next round. It was agreed with both authors that they would finalise their submissions in order to comply with raised comments and would submit them to the jury by the end of May for a final decision. All competitors were paid  sketch fees and bonuses for models in the amount of CZK 20,000.

Ing. Michaela Severova
Spokesperson of the Litomyšl C

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