zdeněk kopal - conference of stars and men

The objective of the unusual sculpture is to emphasise the now demolished house in Havlíčkova Street - the birthplace of Zdeněk Kopal - by means of light. The outline of the house is formed by light and moving light text. "The text is computer controlled, it emphasises the importance of the theoretical, numerical and scientific levels of Kopal´s research but also putting the space of the sculpture into context for the present inhabitants" say the authors. At the point of the star rotation Federico Diaz and Marián Karel placed a sculpture symbolizing Kopal´s main theme: two drop-like stars, which rotate around a common point of gravity and viewed from a certain point they cover one another partially or fully. The surface of the sculpture reflects the moving text. The movement of the text thus emphasises the place of birth, the theory, the science and the flow of energy between stars. The text can be funny, according to the authors, reminding of Zdeněk Kopal´s good-humoured nature.

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