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Božena Němcová

obrázek k Božena  Němcová

* 4. 2. 1820 Vídeň
+ 21. 1. 1862 Praha

Writer, founder of Czech contemporary prose

Božena Němcová is described as a free thinker with a huge cultural overview. She is often linked with the emancipation movement. Her husband, whom she married at a very young age (in 1837), was Superintendent of the Financial Guard. For work reasons and because of his fanatic patriotism he was often transferred to different locations. Božena Němcová stayed in Litomýšl twice. The first time was when her husband was transferred there. They lived for two years on Smetanovo náměstí square. The marriage was not a happy one though and brought constant arguments and numerous split ups. The second time was when she was invited to Litomyšl by the publisher Antonín Augusta to prepare her Complete Works for publication. She left her husband and came alone. At the time she was seriously ill which prevented her continuing with her writing. Her dire financial state and poor health forced her to return to her husband in Prague where, not long after, she died.

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