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Giovanni Battista Alliprandi

* 1665     + 13. 3. 1720     Baroque Architect
Architect Giovanni Battista Alliprandi started out his independent career as court architect to the Černín family. From 1697 he lived in Prague where, in 1706, he was appointed chief architect of the imperial fortification builders. Three years later he became the family architect of Count Trauttmannnsdorf, thanks to which he moved to Litomyšl. In the service of Trauttmanndorf he led the reconstruction of his Prague palace and also travelled repeatedly to Vienna. Among his ...


Marie Manrique de Lara y Mendoza

* 1538     + 16. 2. 1608     Spanish aristocrat, Lady of the Court of Empress Maria of Austria
Marie Manrique de Lara y Mendoza was born of aristocratic Spanish families and came to the Habsurg court in Vienna as a lady-in-waiting to the young Empress Marie of Austria. In 1555, Marie Manrique de Lara married the High Chancellor of the Bohemian king, Vratislav of Pernstein with whom she had 21 children. In 1567, Vratislav chose the Litomyšl estate for a new Renaissance seat of the Pernstein family. Litomyšl Castle, which ...

Ludmila Jandová

Ludmila Jandová

* 03.08.1938     + 20.10.2008     


Alois Jirásek

* 23. 8. 1851     + 12. 3. 1930     Writer, playwright, creator of the realistic historical novel
Alois Jirásek was born in Hronov in the Náchod district of Eastern Bohemia. He came from an old farming family. He lived in Litomyšl for fourteen years and worked mainly at the grammar school (now the home of the Litomyšl Regional Museum) as a teacher of history and geography. He began publishing during the time of his Prague studies. In Litomyšl he wrote his first notable works such as The Philosopher’s Story and Dogs’ ...


Zdeněk Kopal

* 4. 4. 1914      + 23. 6. 1993      Astronomer, mathematician, university professor
Zdeněk Kopal was born on 4th April 1914 in Litomyšl. The place where he built his home is commemorated by a binary star sculpture by Federico Diaz and Marián Karel. He studied maths, physics and astronomy at the Natural Science Faculty of Charles University. Before finishing his studies, in 1936, he took part in a science expedition to Japan with the aim of observing a total eclipse of the sun. After finishing his studies he gained a ...

Zdeněk Matěj Kuděj

Zdeněk Matěj Kuděj

* 24.11.1881     + 08.08.1955     


František Lašek

* 22. 11. 1872     + 4. 5. 1947     Physician, mayor, writer
MUDr. František Lašek was born on 22nd November 1872 and died on 4th May 1947 and is buried in Litomyšl. In the years 1884–1892 he studied at Litomyšl grammar school where he was even taught by Alois Jirásek. During the First World War he worked on the front as a doctor. After the war he returned to Litomyšl where he ran the hospital until his retirement. Under his management the hospital underwent a comprehensive renovation. From 1919 up until 1941 he worked ...

Julius  Mařák

Julius Mařák

* 29.03.1832     + 08.10.1899     


Josef Matička

* 13. 9. 1893     + 7. 7. 1976     Painter
Josef Matička yearned to be a painter but studied architecture. In his youth he contracted tuberculosis of the bone which prevented him from following a career in architecture so that, in the end, he devoted his whole life to painting. During his studies he met Anna Theinová, a girl from a Litomyšl Jewish family, who he eventually married. During the Second World War Anna lost all members of her family. He and his wife bequeathed a number of collections of paintings and works from ...


Božena Němcová

* 4. 2. 1820     + 21. 1. 1862     Writer, founder of Czech contemporary prose
Božena Němcová is described as a free thinker with a huge cultural overview. She is often linked with the emancipation movement. Her husband, whom she married at a very young age (in 1837), was Superintendent of the Financial Guard. For work reasons and because of his fanatic patriotism he was often transferred to different locations. Božena Němcová stayed in Litomýšl twice. The first time was when her husband was transferred there. They ...

Teréza  Nováková

Teréza Nováková

* 31.07.1853     + 13.11.1912     


Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová

* 31. 1. 1785     + 5. 8. 1845     Writer, poet, author of cook books
Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová was born on 31st January 1785 in Všeradice, Beroun, into a German speaking family. She didn’t have a particularly happy childhood, marred by the death of her father. From the age of eight she had to look after the home and help her mother earn a living. Magdalena’s life changed dramatically in 1807 when she married Jan Alois Sudiprav Rettig, renown not only for his patriotism but also his undisputable literary talent. In ...


Bedřich Smetana

* 2. 3. 1824     + 12. 5. 1884     Musical composer, composer of Czech modern national music
Bedřich Smetana was born in the brewery of Litomyšl Castle into a family of a brewmaster as the eleventh child and first son. He started his musical education at the age of four and was already playing concerts at the age of six. It was during the Litomyšl part of his childhood that Smetana made his first attempts at composing music. After studying at a music institute in Prague he became a music teacher in an aristocratic family ...


František Ambrož Stříteský

* 9. 12. 1912     + 16. 12. 1989      Catholic cleric, rector of the Piarist college
Father František Stříteský was born on 9th December 1912 in Horní Újezd near Litomyšl. After studying theology and a short period practising in Prague, he returned to Litomyšl and became rector of the local Piarist college. Because, as well as classical languages he was also competent in German, English, French, Italian and Russian, he taught foreign languages at the grammar school and other local secondary schools. Under his scout name, ...


Josef Váchal

* 23. 9. 1884     + 10. 5. 1969      Painter, graphic artist, woodcarver, writer
Josef Váchal loved books and so he learned bookbinding. In his creations he focussed particularly on graphic work. He searched out and formed new, original approaches. He produced his own books to which he added many of his own woodcut illustrations. He himself then typeset, bound and printed them. In 1913 he met Josef Portman – teacher, librarian, amateur printer and bibliophile, from Litomyšl, who collected Váchal’s work. Portman ...


Olbram Zoubek

* 21. 4. 1926     + 15. 6. 2017     Sculptor
Olbram Zoubek was born 21st April 1926, in Prague. In 1951 he started to devote himself to restoration work having been introduced to it by Professor Josef Wagner during his studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. He was the author of Jan Palach’s death mask and, amongst other things, the Monument to the Victims of Communism on Petřín hill in Prague. From 1970 to 1991, as an artist who the communist regime found problematic, he restored sgraffiti murals on the ...

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