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Primary School of T. G. Masaryk

Three classroom wings in the shape of the letter U define a semi-enclosed courtyard, which is used for games and relaxation for students during breaks and extracurricular activities. The courtyard ends with an outdoor amphitheater, using the existing terrain. The whole area is closed on the west side by a gym. However, the courtyard, like the whole school, is not closed and communicates with the surroundings through the glazed parts of the individual facades. The gym is used as a municipal sports hall outside of school hours. In 1999, the town of Litomyšl won the Grand Prix of the Community of Architects for the implementation of III. primary school in the Investor category. Ing. arch. Aleš Burian, who is the author of the design, received an honorable mention for this "school of the next millennium".

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