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Piarist College Building

obrázek k Piarist College Building

The Piarist College building has a typical square layout for monasteries with an inner cloister and a garden of paradise. Until 2003, the monastery served to accommodate students of the pedagogical school, since then it has been used by the Faculty of Restoration of the University of Pardubice. Even with regard to the historical context, the investor considered the further use of the dormitory for education to be optimal. The project also included the completion of a building on the corner of Jiráskova and Zámecká streets. Here, the architect Aleš Burian designed a partially sunken two-storey building with a small pavilion at the attic level, which provides the faculty with other necessary spaces. At the same time, there is the Municipal Hall, which hosts not only wedding ceremonies, but also other social or educational events. The historic dormitory building houses the following studios: Studio for the Restoration of Works of Art on Paper, Studio for Paper, Bookbinding and Documents, Studio for the Restoration of Murals and Graffiti. In the remaining part there are accommodation spaces for students of the Faculty of Restoration with a total capacity of 26 beds.

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