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Modernization of Premises of ZUŠ B. Smetany

The aim of the project was to reconstruct the remaining unused part of the attic of the historic building of ZUŠ B. Smetany, which enabled the creation of a concert hall and three new classrooms. The expansion of the space enabled the implementation of a new concept of teaching electronic instruments, music theory and children's choir. The mission of the project is to provide students with education in the chosen art field with regard to their needs and possibilities, and thus to cultivate their personality in terms of art for lifelong learning with a favorable work, social and emotional climate. To create a concept of fields for full satisfaction of the needs of children and youth from the district of Litomyšl so that ZUŠ B. Smetany strengthens its position in the network of primary art schools in the whole district of Svitavy and the wider area. Another goal is the development of leisure activities as a prevention of socially pathological phenomena of children and youth at the level of school facilities.

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