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Municipal Sports Hall

The gym is located in the western part of the new campus and closes its inner atrium. In extracurricular times, it is used as a municipal sports hall. This fact, together with the requirement of a possible redistribution of the gym so that it could be used for two school groups for P.E. at the same time, determined its size. The basic dimension of the playing area is 42.6 x 21.6 m, the height of the gym is 10.8 m to the lower level of the trusses. The gym includes a grandstand for 200 visitors. The author of the proposal is Ing. arch. Aleš Burian and ing. arch. Gustav Křivinka. In order for the large mass of the gym not to represent an impenetrable barrier in relation to the historical panorama of the city, it is glazed one third under the roof trusses and partially sunk into the terrain and allows the perception of historical landmarks from the city above the school grounds. It is connected to the school at the ground floor level by a covered corridor leading to the elevation of the terrain on the 2nd floor of the school. On the ground floor there are also changing rooms, a tool room, sports equipment stores, a gym and a boiler room. Part of the school complex is also an outdoor sports ground located about 150 m above the gym, which was built in advance in 1996. The supporting structure of the gym consists of reinforced concrete profiled columns, which are in the upper part of the steel glazing. The grandstands, retaining walls as well as the ceilings of the cloakrooms and the entrance parts are made of monolithic reinforced concrete.

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