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Apartment House A1

The zoning plan for the new residential complex in the U Nemocnice locality was prepared in the years 1994 - 1995. The authors are Viktor and Martin Rudiš. Individual apartments, of different sizes and different arrangements, are opened by wide windows into the interior of the block. Public areas offer plenty of parking space, a logical network of walking paths and a playground. The street in the new development is designed economically to ensure comfortable service, but also a quiet environment. The main road passing through the entire development branches off from J. E. Purkyně Street, leads perpendicularly against the slope and turns north through an arch, where it is connected at the end to the existing road leading between residential houses at Mařákova Street. This main axis is followed by pedestrian walkways leading to individual buildings. The architectural solution of individual buildings is modern, without historical elements. The houses have wide windows, flat roofs with a slightly curved silhouette, light plaster colors complemented by the natural material of wooden windows, entrance walls and fences separating private gardens from public areas. Free areas directly adjacent to residential houses are reserved for residents of ground floor apartments. The construction of the A1 apartment building was completed in 1996.

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