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If you are going to Litomyšl, be sure not to miss a visit to its 16th century castle which is definitely one of the dominant features of the town. This renaissance building was commissioned by Vratislav of Pernštejn who held the office of High Chancellor. The builder was Giovanni Battista Aostalli and his relative Ulrico Aostalli de Sala. They designed the castle as a renaissance residence with a square ground plan effectively combining the atmosphere of an Italian arcaded courtyard with Czech gables and sgraffiti. As you view the castle you cannot fail to notice that the individual sgraffiti decorations carry different motifs, every inscription is different, and the castle facade has more than eight thousand of them. Come and visit a renaissance building that has been a UNESCO listed sight since 1999 and witness its uniqueness for yourself.

You can find further information on the official Litomyšl Castle website.

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