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Airview - Litomyšl
Šanta's square
Šanta's square
Virtuální prohlídka Šantova náměstí
Monastery gardens
Monastery gardens Virtuální prohlídka Kláštěrních zahrad Fotogalerie
Smetana's square
Smetana's square Virtuální prohlídka Smetanova náměstí Fotogalerie
Smetana's square
Smetana's square Virtuální prohlídka Smetanova náměstí Fotogalerie
Sport areal Černá hora
Sport areal Černá hora Virtuální prohlídka sportovního areálu Černá hora
Piarist Church and Regional museum
Piarist Church and Regional museum Virtuální prohlídka Piaristického chrámu a Regionálního muzea Litomyšl
Castle Litomyšl
Castle Litomyšl Virtuální prohlídka Zámku Litomyšl Fotogalerie
Toulovec Square
Toulovec Square Virtuální prohlídka Toulovcova náměstí

Annual calendar of actions - the year 2022

Opening of the Litomysl Spa Season - cancelled!
Opening of the Litomysl Spa Season - cancelled!


Spiritual spa - spa promenade, podiums, concerts, exhibitions, ...
The event is cancelled due to Covid-19.

Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová´s Festival of Gastronomy - cancelled!
Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová´s Festival of Gastronomy - cancelled!


A weekend full of aroma and taste ended with a gastro-weekend at Smetana´s square.

An Open Air Opera
An Open Air Opera


Opera arias performed by young performers on the Smetana´s Square.

Toulovec´ Holiday Fridays
Toulovec´ Holiday Fridays


Every Friday evening a fairy-tale for children and a concert.

European Heritage Days
European Heritage Days


Every year, usually during the second weekend of September, the doors of the most interesting monuments, buildings, premises and areas are opened to the public. That includes those that are otherwise partly or totally inaccessible.

Young Smetana´s Litomysl
Young Smetana´s Litomysl


A presentation of young performers of classical music.

ArchiMyšl 2021
ArchiMyšl 2021


The show for World Architecture Day.

 Angel Advent Sundays on the Castle Hill
Angel Advent Sundays on the Castle Hill


Every Advent Sunday small Christmas market with cultural programme.


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About Litomyšl

Litomyšl - airview photo
10 300 citizens
330meters above sea level
2 580 cultural events per year
981 A. D. first written mention
Short film about a long history of Litomyšl Short film about a long history of Litomyšl
A minute movie UNESCO A minute movie UNESCO
Virtual tour Virtual tour



The oldest written mention of Litomyšl

The oldest written mention of Litomyšl dates back to 981. It is a record in the Latin-written ...

Kosmas' Chronicle – in the so-called Chapter Manuscript from the 14th century – reporting the death of Prince Slavník in 981, with a mention of Litomyšl. It was originally a protective fortified settlement of the Slavník principality on a significant trade route, defending a forested border area against Moravia.


Promotion of Litomyšl to a town

On 27 July 1259, King Ottokar II of Bohemia granted two privileges to the Litomyšl monastery, by ...

which he gave Litomyšl municipal rights. In the first privilege, he confirmed all the previous privileges of the monastery so far, with a brief remark that he gives the same rights and freedoms to Litomyšl that royal towns enjoy. The town elected its mayor and 12 councillors. In the second document the king defines its privilege in more detail, Litomyšl is named as the property of the Monastery of Our Lady, and it is given judicial, municipal and market rights to the same extent as other royal towns.


Erection of Litomyšl Castle

In the 16th century, the Pernštejn family had a Renaissance chateau built as their family seat. ...

The extensive conversion was designed by Giovanni Battista Aostalli (1510–1575). Older buildings belonging previously to Kostkas of Postupice were adapted for the east wing, the north corridor and the connecting wing. The west wing is a new Renaissance building with a partial use of older cellars. The rich sgraffito decoration, consisting of stylised 'envelopes' (about 8000 different envelopes on the facade of the castle) and figural (themes from the Old Testament, from ancient times, battle scenes on the north wall of the 2nd courtyard) was created by a group of Italian builders and stonemasons. The Pernštejns also built a chapel dedicated to St. Monica inside the castle. After the Pernštejns, the Trauttmansdorfs got possession of the castle, after which the Wallenstein-Wartenberg family settled there and had the interiors modified in the Classicist style. The castle was put up for auction in 1855, in which it was bought by the Thurn-Taxis, who however did not live in the castle. Nevertheless, the castle remained in their possession until the end of World War II, when it was confiscated on the basis of presidential decrees. The compound is a rare example of the conversion of an Italian Renaissance palace; on the ground floor of the aristocratic residence a unique Baroque theatre with functional machinery and a set of backdrops has been preserved.


Inscription of the Litomyšl Castle on the UNESCO World Heritage List

4 December 1999 was an important day in the modern history of Litomyšl Castle. On that day, the ...

World Heritage Committee decided to inscribe the castle grounds on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Monuments and modern architecture

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