Litomysl Community Hall

Community Hall

Built in 1922 as a place where diverse cultural and social events could be held. The building is in neo-renaissance style with art nouveau and modern elements; it was built by Vaclavem Silhavý according to his own plans. The portal and hall are decorated with stucco work by Ludek Vocelka (a pupil of Sucharda).

After many years of closure, the local inhabitants had almost forgotten about its existence. Today, however, it has been given a new lease of life. In the past few years it has been reconstructed, thanks to which the Community Hall has regained its original beauty.

What the Community Hall has to offer:
Auditorium with gallery and boxes - may be hired for theatre performances, conferences, lectures, dances, variety shows and concerts with a capacity of 300 persons. Seats on rows (on a flat floor) or table arrangement, refreshments can be arranged in adjoining rooms.

On the ground floor, suitable for the organisation of various social events.

Billiards centre:
Billiards hall, whose club, registered with the Czech/Moravian Billiards Union, is the organiser of the annual Primator Cup competition.

Parish Charity:
Is the administrator of the building and, as well as charitable activities and the organisation of social and cultural activities, also runs a second-hand clothes stall.

Contact: +420 732 803 709, e-mail:

Community Hall

Community Hall

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