Litomysl The Knight's Hall

The Knight's Hall

The Dum U Rytiru was built in renaissance style in the 1540's. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Litomysl, and one of the jewels of renaissance architecture in the Czech Republic. Following a fire in 1540, the stonemason Blazek, who probably also worked on the decoration of the Pardubice castle and built the cemetery church in Vysoke Myto, constructed and decorated the building. He changed the original appearance of the building by adding a renaissance gable, which was replaced by an Empire style attic following the fire of 1814 - this survives to this day.

The stone fasade of the building is embellished by decorative and figurative decor, the subjects for which are based on contemporary graphic patterns. The building gained its name from the images of the two guards standing either side of the central window, and gained its fame from the tale by Alois Jirasek - "At the Knights' House". As well as the knights, there are other figures decorating the fasade - a student, a merchant, a mermaid, a lion and a unicorn. Inside the renaissance ceiling has been preserved, as have the relief stone pillars. Since the completion of the reconstruction in 1977 the building has been used as an exhibition hall, originally for a permanent exhibition of paintings by the Litomysl artist Josef Matièka. Today the Knight´House - gallery organises short-term art exhibitions.

The building has undergone several alterations, a large-scale restoration and conservation in the 1960's, and its fasade was restored once again in 1999-2000.

The Knight's Hall

The Knight

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